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Hidden Idenity

An eighteen year old young man loses his mother in a tragic car accident. Tony is a young adult that is too old for the social services program and has never been alone without family before.  As Tony finds out that life with his mother was not as bad as he thought it was, he has to go through the real world of taking care of himself without means.

Tony has many challenges that a young person is not used to having, and starts to give up on life. Just when he wants to end it all, he finds out he has a biological grandmother that is still alive. As the story twists and turns he is torn between being on his own, or allowing his new family to be a part of his life.   He goes from rags to riches and struggles with the new authority and responsibilities that are put in front of him. Tony must make a decision whether to trust God or not.


Buster and Friends

A room full of secrets that no one wants revealed, is opened by their own innocent children. Buster warns PK and the others not to put on their parents’ shoes. They will experience the true meaning of “You never walked in my shoes”.


Dig Deeper

A pair of savvy children notice their dads loneliness and take matters into their own hands. Giving their homeless friend a makeover to help their dad find love.