About Lemon Production Company

Lemon Production Company was created from Melvina Lemon Production Company,  established in 2001.  The company's main goal is to reach out and help other people and companies  that have talent, creativity and ideas.   This company uses their resources to help improve the individuals and companies of today that want to make a difference in this world.

We have an urge to create more positive lyrics, films and messages for  today's youth.  We have a strong line of mentors in place to help with different programs for upcoming actors and actresses that would love to get their feet wet in the feature films business.  We also work closely with vocal coaches, video engineers and writers.

At Lemon Production Company we’re passionate about  our projects and passionate about introducing our new talent to an environment that allows them to obtain supplementary skills.   And it’s all thanks to our support, feedback, and resources!  Our company maintains a database of our talent search clients for upcoming new TV episodes, featured films,  and animation films.

If you’d like to benefit from a professional production company, head to the  development tab and connect with one of our team players.